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Original Parts


Go for Quality by using Worthington Creyssensac Original Parts, so you are certain about the quality, life time, utilized material and the impact on other components.
Only with original components you can be sure, therefore your best choice is a Worthington Creyssensac Original Part.


Original PartAIRTEC - Remanufactured/Repaired Elektronikon units for all models that utilize these regulators. All we will need is your model and serial number off of the compressor, the part number off of the old Elektronikon

Screw Service Kits

Increase the lifespan of your compressor with the easy-to-use and cost-effective screw service kits

Key benefits:

Screw Service Oil Separator
  • Cost reducing solution – cheaper than buying separate parts
  • Everything you need to maintain your compressor is in one single kit
  • Assured high quality with genuine spare parts
  • Extends the long lifetime of your compressor
  • Maximises the reliability of your equipment

Maintaining your compressor to assure its optimal performance and reliability becomes easy with the Worthington Creyssensac screw service kits. These service kits combine all the required parts for a full service. And because they only include genuine spare parts, you are guaranteed to have the highest quality for your unit. In brief, these screw service kits make for an easy and cost-saving way to get the most out of your compressor – today and in the extended future.

Piston Performance Kits

Piston performance kits, a cost-effective way to extend the lifetime of your compressor

Key benefits:

  • All parts you need to maintain your compressor are in one single kit
  • A user-friendly solution with detailed service instructions
  • A cost-effective solution to extend the lifetime of your compressor
  • Improves the reliability, performance and air quality of your compressor
Piston Performance Kit

Extend the lifetime of your compressor with our Worthington Creyssensac piston performance kits. These kits offer a cost-effective way to optimise the reliability, performance and air quality of your professional and semi-professional, industrial unit. In a single kit, you will find everything you need to service your compressor: an inlet air filter, a valve plate kit and a return valve kit, and gaskets. And thanks to the detailed service instructions, maintenance is very user-friendly.

Condensate Treatment

Assure your Oil-Water Separators are performing at their best with the condensate treatment service pack

Key benefits:

Condensate Treatment Kit
  • A service indicator shows the time to change the filters before saturation
  • Cartridge exchange can be done quickly by removing the separator cap.

In order to assure the optimal separation of oil and water in the condensation stage, you need to assure your Oil-Water Separators are working perfectly. With the condensate treatment service pack, you can easily check when the filters need changing. And, a handy separator cap allows for easy replacement of the cartridge. Three kits are available to match the specific needs of your compressor installation.

  • Service kit A: for use during the first service after the installation. For condensate of normal conditions. Includes the oleophilic filter (1x)
  • Service kit B: for condensate with increased level of oil. For installation with equal saturation time of all filters. Includes the oleophilic filter (1x) and the activated carbon filter (1x)
  • Service kit D: for condensate of normal conditions. Includes the oleophilic filter(2x) and the activated carbon filter (1x)
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